Research and Development

Keramtech is intensively focused on constantly improving its products and expanding its product portfolio. This process includes development of new materials (e.g. material for filtering steel - registered under the name RK5 and material for filtering aluminium alloys - registered under the name Pyral 15). We work together with university institutions for development of new materials, in particular with VSB (Technical University) in Ostrava and the University of Žilina.


Custom orders

Custom orders are an integral component of our production portfolio. We are able to meet customer demands ranging from product designs based on customer concepts, up to delivery of the final product. Of course, technical documentation is included, and in most cases, we are also able to provide prototype units for testing. During product development, our main goal is to adapt the product as much as possible to the customer's needs, while simultaneously selecting the appropriate production technology that ensures the desired quality and price competitiveness.

 Design and Tool facility

The company possesses a Pro-engineer 3D design workplace and its own tool facility (CNC machines, Wire Cut EDM, etc.). These facilities allow us to implement not only our development activities, but also create draft proposals and meet the needs of our customers

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