Keramtech today

A turning point in the contemporary history of the company occurred in 1994, when members of the former management team, who kept the name Keramtech, Ltd. Žacléř, privatized it. It continues to produce porcelain products, heating ceramics, and mainly focuses on the production of foundry ceramics. Development of filters continues and it is introducing a new RK5 material that is suitable for filtering steel. It invests in manufacturing equipment, a tool factory, company know-how, and modernizing its engineering equipment. CNC computer-controlled machines
and Wire Cut EDMs are increasing in number, and a new 3D workstation is under construction.

In 1997, the company was certified in the ISO 9001 quality management standard.  In 2005, it was certified in the ISO 14001 system for resolving environmental issues. A Grün chamber kiln was installed in 1998, a second one in 2001 and a third in 2008. A large investment was the implementation of homogenization for preparation of materials (porcelain in 2000, Pyrostat in 2006). Manufacturing automation began when the first filter line was built in 1998, continued with the E40 (1999) sleeve line, and then the E14 and E27 sleeve line in 2000. An additional filter line was installed in 2005 and the latest was most recently brought on line in 2008. The Wistra tunnel kiln was modernized in 2007.

Foundry ceramics was a strategic product line for the next period in the company’s history; the development of special material for filtering aluminium alloys. Development was successfully completed in 2010 and the filters were introduced on the market under the name Pyral 15®. Porcelain products, particularly E40 and E14 sockets, currently remain an equally important product line. In cooperation with universities, Kermatech develops new, functional products that assist in resolving the constantly increasing demands from foundries on the quality of their
castings. The list of satisfied customers is increasing and is a testament that the company's motto "With us to the top" is more than a mere tagline.


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