Ceramics foundry filters

KERAMTECH, Ltd. Žacléř is a leading manufacturer of technical and foundry ceramics with
a manufacturing tradition that started in 1878.

Their main product range includes ceramic filters for filtration of molten iron and non-ferrous metals. Their Pyrostat ceramic filters are designed for filtering grey cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, and other non-ferrous metals. For filtration of carbon and stainless steel, they offer RK5 ceramic filters made from RK5 (based on Al2O3). Keramtech have developed a special lightweight ceramic material with the trade name Pyral 15® for filtering aluminium alloys. Moulded ceramic strainers, which partially serve as filters, are within a special category that plays a crucial role in the casting system. Termosond (thermal probe) ceramic heads are used in foundries and steel mills.

Traditional, and important, products for use in the electrical and engineering industries are offered within our wide range of technical porcelain. These include E14, E27, and E33 ceramic sleeve bodies, which are among the largest group of exported products. Built-in fuse holders and fuse holders on a DIN rail are also popular items in the E14, E27, and E33 design. In addition, our product range includes ceramic lighting with IP20 covers for walls and ceilings, which have been designed for corridors, bathrooms, and office spaces. Our range of technical porcelain includes other specialized products, such as resistance saddles, terminal box bodies, and null bridges. Further porcelain products include textile conductors and wires, furniture fittings and many other insulation parts.

These two main product groups successfully complement ceramic parts for heating elements. The most demanded products are ceramic heating coil carriers, which include
boiler steamrollers, flat (plate) carriers, pipe carriers, and heating element carriers. All of these parts are made from Pyrostat C 511, which is a highly resistant and time-proven
ceramic material.

Our company has its own design department and tool shop, so we gladly accept custom orders. Our philosophy is quality, speed, flexibility, and foremost, satisfied customers. 


Winter closure

Our company will be closed in period 17.12.2018 - 02.01.2019 due to winter holiday. No loading or unloading is possible during this time. Thank you for understanding.

140 let na trhu

Firma Keramtech si v letošním roce připomíná 140 let nepřetržitého chodu firmy od jejího založení p. Heinrechem Pohlem v roce 1878.


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